Chickens Feeding Habits

Chickens Feeding Habits

 Chickens Eating Habits

Depending on what you would like out of your chooks could depend on what you would like to feed them. If you are after good eggs, then keeping your hens healthy is ideal for egg production.

Chickens normally eat as soon as they rise, so having food accessible for them first thing in the morning is good.
They eat all though out the day on and off, so have food and water available for them. In between eating they love to prune and sun themselves.

A readymade pellet or meal is a good nutritional diet, along with food scraps and insects from the dirt, this gives them a balanced diet. Ideally keep food scrapes as ‘fresh’ as possible, small regular amounts are better than large ‘old’ amounts. Try to keep the food scrapes balanced with the grain food as chickens like a diverse diet

Chickens do like to eat before roosting, this helps with egg production and keeps them warm during cold winters.
It is good to makes sure they have access to food all day as this will minimize them pecking other birds. When pecking occurs this can be due to limited food access.
Having access to clean water is always important.

Some nutritious scrapes for you chickens:

- Pumpkin seeds, helps in worming

- Sunflower seeds
- Oats, high in vitamins and protein
- Bananas, high in potassium

- Cooked rice

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