Brooder Cage for Chicks

An Essential Brooder Cage for Chicks

Raising chickens for small-scale production requires a quality brooder cage for chicks. There are many aspects to a cage that either means success or failure. We have more than thirty years of experience with parrots and chickens and know that our rectangular and circular brooder cages will consistently ensure success.

The Scoop on Brooding Cages for Chicks

Chicks of a few days old cannot generate sufficient body heat for survival, and nature planned for them to be protected and warmed by the hen until they have grown adequate feathers for heat retention. A poultry brooder for chicks, goslings and other poultry effectively replaces the protective hen with a warmer lamp that ensures the correct temperature inside the cage for the chicks.

  • The correct heat in the brooder is essential to reduce stress and the death of chicks. Always follow the recommendations for the bird species and make use of an accurate thermometer that measures the temperature inside the case. Take note of variances in temperature inside the case, and it is always better to use two or more low wattage lamps for a large cage than a single, powerful lamp that might burn the chicks.
  • Adequate ventilation is essential for future healthy chickens. It is also vital to protect young chicks from too strong airflow, as it will also cause temperature pockets inside the cage that might lead to mortalities.
  • The size of the cage is very important. Chicks of a few days to two weeks old require about 465 cm² per chick (approx. 7cm x 7cm), and then to four weeks old; they need 930 cm² per chick(approx. 10cm x 10cm). The height of the cage must be roughly 60 cm to discourage the chicks from jumping out.

Our Chick Brooder Cage for Success

We sell a rectangular and a circular brooder cage. Each cage shape is designed for optimal ventilation, uniform heat distribution, and easy inspection and cleaning. It is made from durable metal that is also easy to disinfect before the next batch of chicks. The features of both designs include:

  • A strong metal arm to hold a brooder lamp. On the circular model, the arm positions the lamp in the centre of the cage, providing greater uniformity of warmth to all the chicks. The rectangular model positions the lamp above a section with solid metal walls, preventing excessive heat loss.
  • The rectangular model has a floor made from wire mesh with small holes spaced 8mm apart and is provided with a convenient dropping pan for easy cleaning. The round model has a solid metal floor, and the recommendation is to cover the floor with a 2cm thick layer of pine shavings.
  • The cages are easy to assemble, requiring a flathead screwdriver and the included parts. The necessary lamp and a thermometer are fitted to the brooder cage with minimal hassle and can be removed during thorough cleaning of the cage.

Uneek Poultry sells quality equipment to poultry enthusiasts across Australia. We provide convenient delivery options based on the size and weight of the order. Contact us any time if you have questions about choosing the right product for your chicks.