Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Uneek Poultry stocks a range of Digital and Analogue Temperature and Humidity Sensors.

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Keep an Eye on How your Egg Incubator is running with an Inkbird Thermometer

Correct temperature control inside the incubator is essential for success with hatching eggs. At any time a problem could occur inside your incubator and unknowingly ruin your eggs. By using a Temperature and Humidity sensor like the Inkbird you are providing the peace of mind that everything is running correctly. The Inkbird Thermometer and Humidity sensors are the best way to ensure each hatch is a success.

Facts About the Temperature Inside the Brooder

Nature equipped the mother hen with a biological thermometer that she uses to ensure her brood of chicks are all kept warm and cosy against her body under her wings. A warming lamp replaces the hen in the manufactured brooder and must output the correct heat to ensure the optimal temperature inside the brooder for the chicks. Here are a few facts why an accurate thermometer is essential for the success of your chicks:

  • For chicks less than a week old, the brooder temperature should be approximately 35°C, about 5 to 6 degrees less than the average body temperature. At one week old, the temperature should be reduced by approximately 3°C each week. The chicks should begin growing feathers at 20 days old and become more resilient towards temperature changes.
  • It is important to continue monitoring the temperature inside the brooder after five weeks. When it reaches 20°C, a sudden drop in temperature during the night can lead to health issues and even death.
  • The heat lamp of your brooder may be equipped with a thermostat, but it is still wise to measure the temperature using a quality thermometer. This practice enables you to check and verify that the thermostat works correctly.

Obtain Accuracy with Inkbird Thermometers

Inkbird has designed and manufactured thermometers for various applications since 2010. The products are known for their accuracy and added features that make them perfect for monitoring the environment inside brooders and coops. Several models are available, we have chosen the best to offer to fellow poultry fanciers.

  • An Inkbird thermometer also measures the humidity. This feature is beneficial, especially since the brooder's temperature might cause dehydration of the chicks if the air is too dry or a breeding ground for fungi and diseases if the inside is too humid.
  • Specific models of Inkbird thermometers are Wi-Fi capable and can transmit the data either directly to a monitoring station or forward it to your mobile phone through the Internet. This facility enables you to continuously monitor the environment inside the brooder, including setting alarms for specific events.
  • The Inkbird Mini IBS-TH1 is perfect for all size incubators and brooders like our popular round cage. We also sell a special bracket to allow the sensor to hang easily inside the Incubator or Brooder box.

Uneek Poultry sells exceptional chicken keeping equipment to Australians. We provide everything you need for a successful hobby or small business and ship country-wide. Inkbird thermometers are our choice of measuring instrument for brooders and coops. Contact us if you require assistance with choosing a suitable model or how to mount the Inkbird Mini.