Janoel Incubators

Janoel Egg Incubators are a favourite of the Australia Poultry Keeper offering Good hatch rates at an affordable price.
Uneek LEDs are your Australian Egg Incubator Specialist and are proud to be one of the only Approved Distributors of Janoel Incubators in Australia.
We import directly from the Janoel Factory and can also Repair and Service your Janoel Egg Incubators.

Uneek Poultry offer the most popular models for sale.  If you have a special request for a certain model of Janoel Egg Incubator please contact us as we have shipments arriving all the time.

Need spare Parts?
Accidents happen so we are please to offer a range of spares commonly requested.  We can also repair your incubator for you.

Taking Care of Your Eggs with the Janoel Incubator

If you worry about whether you are providing the perfect conditions for your eggs when incubating them, maybe you should consider a Janoel incubator. By simulating the conditions of natural incubation, our selection of products keep the eggs at the right temperature until hatching. By applying technology and a fundamental understanding of healthy incubation, we are here to help you.

What you Can Expect from Uneek Poultry Regarding the Janoel 24 Incubator

As the name states, the 24 model can simultaneously incubate 24 eggs by mimicking how animals would naturally take care of their eggs. The only difference between natural incubation and our products is that our systems do not take time off — ever. Widely accepted as one of the most reliable incubators on the market, the Janoel 24 is exceptional because:

  • It automatically turns eggs. By employing a two-hour cycle, these incubators intermittently move and roll eggs, thereby simulating how animals care for their eggs by slightly shifting their positions and changing the direction from which they receive direct heat.
  • The incubator automatically controls temperature. Instead of using unreliable thermometers to gauge and manage artificial temperature, our incubators use accurate and consistent temperature monitoring systems to track and control deviations in temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature is fundamental to the development of the foetus, as too much or too little could end in negative results.
  • It uses a fan to regulate air circulation. Air movement is capable of significantly influencing humidity and temperature. By circulating the air inside the incubator with a powerful fan system, it can promote a stable incubation environment without drastic fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

When Buying the Janoel 48 Incubator, Consider This

Besides providing some of the few incubators you can use from the moment you remove it from the packaging, we provide support to our clients and help with queries related to operation and installation. By giving our customers a concise overview of the products we supply, we can ensure that you get the products that suit you best. The 48 model provides you with:

  • The ability to incubate a variety of sizes. If you prefer to incubate a variety of eggs simultaneously, you can easily work with chicken, quail, turkey, duck, guinea fowl or pheasant eggs.
  • A hatching tray. You can easily remove and replace the turning tray with a stationary hatching tray in preparation for hatching. The hatching tray is suitable for most egg sizes unless you plan on incubating an ostrich egg.
  • An incubation system that you can clean and sanitise with ease.

About Uneek Poultry

With a keen interest and passion for incubation technology, we are confident that we can improve your hatching rate and help you rear healthy chicks consistently and without trouble.

Whether you are in the market for a new egg incubator, such as the Janoel 12 model or just require some guidance or advice, be sure to contact us, and we can find a solution.