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Vetafarm is well known in animal and poultry circles for its wide range of veterinary and avian health products and supplements. Many animal enthusiasts and farmers in Australia have raved about the effectiveness of Vetafarm products in treating animal ailments.

We carry the full Vetafarm avian range for the optimal health of your birds. Whether you are in the business of raising poultry or keeping birds for the love of it, ensuring the optimal health of your flockstock is essential to the success of your enterprise. We offer a wide range of treatments for common avian health issues and supplements to ensure the optimal ongoing wellbeing of your birds.

What You Should Know About Vetafarm Avimec

Scaly-faced mites, also known as Knemidokoptes are particularly nasty eight-legged pests related to spiders and ticks that burrow into your bird, causing scaly face disease. The mites migrate from bird to bird via contact, and it can take a long time before symptoms become visible.

  • Avimec is an effective treatment for scaly face mites in birds. While this disease is mainly associated with budgies and canaries, it has been seen in other species. The disease spreads rapidly, and treatment with Avimec is recommended as soon as possible.
  • Avimec effectively kills the Knemidokoptes mite, and the results often become visible within approximately six weeks after the commencement of treatment. It is an easy-to-apply topical external treatment.
  • Avimec is safe to use in conjunction with food and supplements. It is applied – depending on the weight of your bird – in three weekly doses.

What you Can Expect from Uneek Poultry Regarding Vetafarm Synbiotic

We have more than 20 years of experience raising poultry, and we have experienced everything that can possibly go wrong. The administration of an effective synbiotic is often the ideal supportive treatment for your birds in times of stress and intestinal dysfunction.

  • We offer synbiotic treatment from Vetafarm’s range of products to promote the healthy presence of microorganisms in the gut of your animal. As a dietary supplement, synbiotics have been shown to help your birds remain optimally healthy.
  • We offer a wide range of health products and dietary supplements. From mites and biting insect control to general bird health products, and worming products. We have everything you need to keep your birds happy and healthy under one roof.
  • We carry a wide range of poultry and exotic bird products, from incubators to chicken feeders and brooders, heaters and sensors, egg candlers, and much more.

About Uneek Poultry

We started Uneek Poultry after spending a lifetime raising poultry and recognising a need within the local market for easily accessible products and knowledge on the common ailments of pets and birds. We have since gone from strength to strength, adding several sole distributorships to our stable. Contact us today for more information.