Nurture Right 360 Egg Incubator

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The Harris Farms Nurture Right 360 Egg Incubator comes complete with a rolling egg turner and external water pot to allow water to be easily added.

Featuring an exclusive Auto-Stop that ceases to turn eggs three days before they hatch.

The incubator fits 22 eggs and allows for 360 viewing with its wide, clear window making it an ideal choice for schools and kindergartens

The shape of the Nurture Right 360 Egg Incubator has been designed to allow excellent heat distribution around all eggs that will provide excellent hatch Rates.

This model is the Australian version of the Nurture Right 360.
Uneek Poultry have been through the Australian Electrical Compliance process and have modified the Nurture Right to comply with Australian Standards.
The Australian Model of the Nurture Right 360 is RCM compliant and meets all Australian Electrical Regulations.  


  • Digital Temperature Display (Note this is in Fahrenheit, not Celsius)
  • Digital Humidity Display
  • Auto-Stop ceases to turn eggs three days before they hatch
  • Egg Candler built into top of Lid
  • External water top-up, easy water fill and humidity control
  • Clear window with 360° wide view
  • 22-egg capacity
  • 360° induced airflow provides optimal air circulation and temperature stability
  • Great for many egg sizes: Chickens: 22; Ducks: 12–18; Pheasants: 22–24
  • 12Vdc low voltage; safe for children




Why buy from Uneek Poultry?

Keeping Chickens has been a hobby of ours for many years.
We don't just sell incubators we actually use them ourselves and have done for many years.  
We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the best from your hatch.

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Uneek Poultry are the Sole Distributor of the Nurture Right 360 in Australia.
This unit comes with a 1 Year Return to base warranty. 
If any major faults occur we will replace the complete unit during this time.
Please click here to see our Warranty conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.



Click here for the Nurture Right 360 User Instructions

Why You Should Consider the Nurture Right Incubator

Incubation technology has come a long way and seems to have reached a peak with the Nurture Right incubator. Capable of incubating 22 chicken eggs, 12 to 18 duck eggs or 22 to 24 pheasant eggs, we know that you will not have a problem with comfortably hatching large quantities of healthy chicks. Instead of using unreliable products, rather have the surety of incubating your eggs with the proper equipment.

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