Janoel 60 Egg Dividers

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Do you incubate Eggs of Different breeds at the same time?

Uneek Poultry's Janoel 60 Dividers are designed to separate different breeds inside the incubator.
At the start of Egg Lock down, take the Egg Tray out and put the dividers in.
Put the eggs of each type in each division created by the dividers to keep them all safe.

Uneek Poultry make these Dividers ourselves and they have been tested by us to ensure the Temperature and Humidity are not effected at all.

The standard Color available is White.  
Green, Orange, Yellow or Rainbow colors are available on request.

If you have a preference for a color please leave a comment during checkout and we will do our best to send that color.
As these racks take a long time to make, we will only be able to send what colors we have available during busy periods to ensure we get your order to you a fast as possible.

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