Inkbird Plus Humidity Fogger

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The Inkbird Plus Humidity Fogger is an advanced device that offers up to 10 hours of continuous fogging.
When used as a means to control humidity inside your incubator it will have days of operation on one tank of water.
It features an adjustable nozzle to allow for precise humidity maximizing and a timer control for easy operation. With its powerful and efficient motor, this device is a reliable choice for achieving the ideal humidity in your incubator.



  • 4L Water Capacity & Max Fog Output.  The humidifier is equipped with a 4-Liter water tank, with adjustable fog output of up to 380ml per hour.
  • Dry-out Protection - The Humidity fogger will stop working when it runs out of the water(detected by a white buoy), and the indicator light will turn red.
  • Extendable Hose - An extendable hose, from 25.2 inches~68.5 inches, and 2 suction cups, are come together with this Humidifier.
  • Anti-leaking Design - The water tank of the humidifier is detachable and would not leak when it is departed.
  • Easy Adjustment of Output
  • Quiet Operation



  1. Place the Humidifier on an appropriate Surface
  2. Fill the tank with Clean Water
  3. Plug in the humidifier to a 220V Power Source
  4. Rotate the Fog Volume Regulator to turn the humidifer on and adjust the mist level
  5. The indicator light will turn Red once the tank is out of water

This Humidity Fogger is ideal for use in incubators like the FIEM Range that will turn the Humidity Fogger on and off when required.  No extra controller is needed.

For use in incubators without a built in Humidity Controller, an external controller is required.  Please contact us for more information.

Please Note: The White Circle Buoy is a dry-out protection fitting for the humidifier, the humidifier will not work if the white buoy is not being installed.