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MG100 / 150 Incubator B.Family MINI LCD

  • Cabin in stratified materials with laminate finish (the incubator is also available in pre-painted and insulated steel version).
  • The MG 100/150 model is one of the best performing models in the range as it combines excellent and proven incubation performance for all species with a wide range of standard equipment.
  • The MG 100/150 B. Family incubator is equipped with automatic egg voltage as standard (or manual on request) through special baskets with special metal cradles suitable for containing all types of eggs.
  • The special ductility of the latter, purely indicated for a family use, allows you to adapt also different types of eggs of the most disparate sizes.
  • The temperature is read by a precision thermometer in degrees ° F.
  • The removable case gives solidity and allows easy and adequate cleaning.
  • A porthole on the door allows a perfect view of the interior of the incubator.
  • A qualitative MINILCD thermostat with decimal precision in proportional band allows easy and precise adjustment of various parameters.

Description of multifunction MINILCD control unit:

  • Temperature visualization and control with 3-digit display
  • Humidity display + possible control via connection to external ultrasonic nebulizer available as an additional option
  • ° C / ° F conversion
  • Choice of PID / ON-OFF temperature control mode
  • Possibility of digital calibration of temperature and humidity sensors
  • Double temperature and humidity sensor


  • The machine is ventilated and the adequate exchange of air with consequent expulsion of carbon dioxide occurs through special ventilation holes.
  • The incubator mod. MG 100/150 B. Family, equipped with a combined incubation and hatching department, is designed to carry out work with weekly loads with consequent weekly hatching cycle.


  • Hen - Duck - Mallard = 105
  • Pheasant = 120
  • Red partridge = 400
  • Gray Partridge - Quail = 450
  • Turkey = 90
  • Goose = 27


  • Hen - Duck - Mallard = 45
  • Pheasant = 50
  • Red partridge = 180
  • Gray Partridge - Quail = 45
  • Turkey = 45
  • Goose = 45



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