ChickenGuard Extreme

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

– Opens & closes your chicken coop using a timer & light sensor
– Manually open and close your chicken coop with a push of a button
– Extra powerful motor, ideal for extreme weather conditions
– Fully featured LCD display for ease of use
– Powered by 4 x AA batteries (included) or electric powered via USB (cables not included)

- Will Lift a Door weighing up to 2kg

- Door is not included with this item.  To order the motor and door choose one of the Locking Combi Packs Available.


What is a ChickenGuard Extreme Unit?

The ChickenGuard©Extreme is definitely our beefiest door opener.  With the same great features as the Premium, the motor has also been upgraded to an impressive 4kg/8lbs capacity making it ideal for larger, heavier doors and commercial coops, to keep foxes and other predators out of your hen houses.

It is just as simple to install as our other units and to programme the timer (you still won’t need an 8 year old to do that), and can also be set to utilise the light (LUX) sensor for an additional opening and closing option.

An integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary. You won’t need an 8 year old to programme this door! And we have even designed extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter – we really do understand all about bad weather.

We are proud to say that over 100,000 users worldwide now trust ChickenGuard© to protect ‘their girls’ and fast worldwide 2 day* delivery with UPS means you and your girls could soon be benefiting from this ‘henhanced’ unit.

How Does It Work?

Simply secure the Unit to the front of your coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to the door, set the opening and closing times, and relax knowing your chickens are safe and sound.  For easy-to follow instructions on how to set up your ChickenGuard© door, please cluck here, and of course you can always call us with any questions you have. We are proud to say that over 90,000 users worldwide now trust ChickenGuard© to protect ‘their girls’ and fast worldwide 2 day* delivery with UPS, ‘henables’ you to keep ‘your girls’ safer sooner.

Need some help with your ChickenGuard.
Maybe Ben Can Help!?

ChickenGuard’s very own creator, Ben, has created a useful setup video, which might help, or if you prefer some good old ‘step by step’ guidance, we have a couple of options for you below. We encourage you to check these out thoroughly before contacting our team, so that we can give you the appropriate help. Thank you.

Why ChickenGuard?

Discover why ChickenGuard is tried and trusted by over 90,000 people all over the world.

  • Programmable Timer
    • The easy-to-programme timer lets you choose and set the time the door will open & close
  • Light Sensor
    • built-in light sensor means you have two options for maximum security and peace of mind
  • Manual Control Feature
    • Open or close your coop door with a press of a button anytime

  • Battery or Mains Power
    • The unit is battery operated. Also attached is a USB port to enable mains power operation.
  • Integrated LCD Screen
    • Ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary

  • Weatherproof Casing
    • Ensuring reliable operation in the most extreme conditions with extra large buttons for ease in all weathers




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Keep your Hens Safe


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