Brinsea Spot Check Calibrated Digital Thermometer - with Calibration Certificate

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The first mistake people make when trying to Calibrate their incubators is to use an Uncalibrated Temperature Sensor.
It causes confusion and ultimately ends up with the incubator with worse precision than it started with.

The Brinsea Spot Check Calibrated Thermometer is a must for anyone wanting to Calibrate their incubator properly.

These units are Calibrated by Brinsea in the UK and come with a certificate to verify their accuracy.

The Brinsea spot check thermometer calibrated is a must for all breeders who require assurance to incubation temperature.
Ideal for exotic parrot breeders, breeders incubating rare breeds etc.
A very accurate, easily read instrument specifically designed for incubators with a range of 32° – 40°C (90º to 104ºF).

Ten times more accurate than most digital thermometers, it reads to 0.1ºF with an accuracy of ± 0.2ºF. Switchable between ºF and ºC.
The thermometer comes with a certificate certifying it’s accuracy from Brinsea UK.