Harris Farms Automated Coop Door

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Exclusive to Uneek Poultry in Australia!
Manna Pro provides you safety at ease! Our Harris Farms Automated Chicken Coop Door is great for flock security and is equipped with a built-in timer and light! Adding this door to your coop will allow for uninterrupted evenings and sleeping in on the weekends. Easy to install and powered by 4 AA batteries or a power cord adaptor.  Compatible with coop entrances 220mm wide and 250mm tall or smaller and includes the door frame, aluminium door, control box and screws.

  • AUTOMATED: Automatic door with 6-month battery life
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Can be inside or outside your chicken coop for flock safety
  • 3 MODE FUNCTIONALITY: Three different operating modes: Timer Only, Light Only, Timer & Light
  • FLOCK SECURITY: Built-in guard rail to protect your flock from predators
  • DURABLE: Weather-friendly - can sustain hot summers & cold winters to always protect your chickens.
  • PREDATOR RESISTANT: Keep your flock safe from predators day and night.

    What's in the box?

    -  Door Frame
    -  Aluminium Door
    -  Control Box
    -  Screws