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Uneek Poultry are now one of the only official Resellers of the Janoel 18 Incubators in Australia.
Also called the Janoel JN18S this model is the New Upgraded Design of the Janoel 18.
Featuring better temperature control and the addition of an External Water bottle that can be used to control humidity.
The new water bottle allows you to go away for the weekend without worrying about filling the water daily like what is needed in other models. 

The Janoel 18 Features:
  • Automatic egg turning, turns eggs every 2 hours.
  • Temperature display
  • Day counter display.
  • Air fan for even air temperature.
  • Transparent wall for easy for observation.
  • Includes automatic water bottle 320ml for humidity control.  The bottle reduces how much user intervention is required.  Only needing filling every few days.
  • With adjustable egg tray dividers, suitable for eggs of different sizes.
  • Made of quality new PP material and PC material, easy to clean.
  • New updated design, more accurate and steady.
  • Suitable for hatching almost all kinds of Poultry Eggs.
  • EU standard, CE approval.


What is in the Box?

1 x JN18S Egg Incubator
1x Water Bottle and Tubing
1 x AU SSA Plug Power Cable
1 x User Manual


Size: Approx. 38x27x19cm
Capacity: 14 Large Chicken Eggs/ 18 Medium Chicken Eggs / 25 Quail Eggs
Voltage: 180V/240V 50-60HZ
Power: <70W

How to use it

The Janoel 18 comes setup and programmed ready to give exceptional results.

Whether you’re starting your own flock, or need a reliable incubator to hatch some new additions, a genuine Janoel 18 egg incubator can be trusted to deliver high hatch rates.  

Janoel's JN18S egg incubator offers flexible hatching possibilities with the ability to incubate different sized eggs with fully automatic turning at the same time.  This means that a combination of chicken, quail, turkey, duck, guinea fowl or pheasant eggs can be incubated with automatic egg turning in the same incubation setting.  

Throughout the incubation process the Janoel 18 will actively adjust the heating element to ensure a stable incubation temperature.  The temperature is pre-set for chicken eggs at 38 degrees Celsius, however can be easily adjusted to incubate other poultry varieties.  

Humidity is controlled by filling the included water bottle and connecting it to the side of the incubator.  As the water level inside the incubator drops the bottle will fill it up automatically.  This ensures that temperature and humidity are not disrupted by opening the incubator lid.  

In preparation for the hatch, the automatic egg turning tray can be removed and the eggs placed on the spacious hatching tray.  The Janoel 18 offers a clear view of the chicks as they hatch through a wraparound viewing window.  

After the Hatch

Cleaning the Janoel 18 is easy due to the sturdy design.  The Base, hatching tray and turning tray can all be removed easily for cleaning.

Like all genuine Janoel incubators the JN18S is constructed using high quality components to ensure a long working life and excellent hatch rates.   

All Janoel incubators sold by Uneek Poultry come with a 12 month factory warranty.
The Janoel 18 is delivered fully assembled with all features pre-set ready to start hatching.  

Why buy from Uneek Poultry?
Keeping Chickens has been a hobby of ours for many years.
We don't just sell incubators we actually use them ourselves and have done for many years.  
We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the best from your hatch.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


12 Months Return to Base Warranty


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