Ivermectin Drops - no longer available - see Vetafarm Avimec Ivermectin Solution

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Please Note: This Product is no longer available for sale.  The replacement product we recommend to use is:
-  Vetafarm Avimec Ivermection Solution.

Avimec has the same active ingredient as the Ivermectin drops but is much more gentle on Birds skin.

Please click here to view our Vetafarm Avimec Ivermection Solution page.


50ml Bottle of Ivermectin 5mg/mL Solution.
Great sized bottle for small flocks.

Bottle included has dripper attached for easy application.

For the treatment of biting insects in chickens:

  • Red Mites
  • Fleas
  • Scaley Leg Mites
  • Worms *


  • 0.1ml per Kg of body weight or 3 drops per kg using the bottle dripper nozzle

Egg/Meat Withholding Period

  • 7 Days

* This product does not target all worms that can affect chickens. 
For worming Chickens we recommend Avitrol Worming Tablets which will kill all worm types poultry are susceptible to.

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